Friday, August 22, 2008

Should I Get A Flu Shot?

Fall is not too far away, so I know that it's nearing that time of year that the Center for Disease Control in cahoots with Public Health and brainwashed doctors and nurses begin their campaigns to immunize every man, woman, and child against the dreaded influenza virus. As you can tell from my lead in, I'm no fan of flu shots. Here's why:

Flu shots are educated gambles. Each year the thinking heads put their caps on and run simulations and come up with their best guesses about how last year's flu virus(es) might mutate into this year's virus(es). Then they set about engineering vaccines against these supposed virus(es) and then hope for the best. If they're lucky they hit it and only a few people get sick, if not, a lot of people get sick and "oh well.... we tried; it's not an exact science." In the meantime, you've been injected with a potential toxin possessing immune-stimulating capability. Is there a connection, or is it a coincidence, that the increasing number and frequency of autoimmune diseases coincides with the increased number and frequency of all kinds of vaccinations -- from the flu to mumps and chicken pox, shingles.....? The sheer guess work involved may explain why SO MANY people report getting the flu in spite of having had the shots. OR, it MAY just be a side effect of the immune system being exposed to an inadequately designed vaccine?

Many, or perhaps most, vaccinations contain a mercury-containing preservative which only serves to add to the mercury load we're all carrying around from our exposures to amalgam fillings, old glass thermometers, and tuna fish -- to name just three other common sources. Attention deficit disorder, depression, and a host of other neurological/mental troubles also seem to be growing exponentially. Mercury can do that. Why wouldn't that be a possible explanation for the increases?

So, my general recommendation is to avoid all vaccinations and immunizations unless there is a specific individual CLEAR and PRESENT danger in NOT taking them. Given the dicey proposition flu shots present, they are not worth the added potential harm to the body for the average healthy person. If you are immune-compromised in some way or prone to severe chronic illness I might be harder pressed to consider the shots. But, that's a case by case thing and the majority are not in those categories.

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Tiffany Aller said...

I agree with you on flu shots being a dicey proposition. I've had several jobs where getting a flu shot was a manner of policy, and every single time I actually did, I ended up sick. The winters I didn't get flu shots? Didn't get sick. Connection? Heck, yeah!