Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Detoxification Approaches

Toxins are foreign substances that can negatively affect our health. They find their ways into our bodies through our water, food, air, and even ironically skin care products applied externally. They are eliminated from the body through one of four pathways: breathing them out through lungs, eliminating through kidneys, through bowel, or through skin. To eliminate toxins from the body (detoxify) the process involves the following basic steps:
  1. Open elimination channels.
  2. Chelate or bind toxins to removed from tissues or circulation.
  3. Facilitate elimination.
Examples of how each of these steps can be accomplished follow.

Open Elimination Channels:
  • Homeopathics, such as Liver Stim Liquescence and Lymph Stim Liquescence help open the elimination organs (liver, kidney, immune system) to dump toxins.
  • Daily exercise of 20-30 minutes a day increases circulation and oxygenation.
  • Adequate nutrition and plentiful supplies of vitamins and minerals insure enough enzymes are present to operate metabolic pathways.

Chelate Toxins
  • A number of herbs and a few pharmaceuticals are valuable agents for chelating including: Liquid chlorophyll, cilantro, and EDTA.
Facilitate Elimination
  • Drinking water, about 50-70 ounces a day will aid elimination through the kidneys
  • A high fiber diet maintains regularity
  • Enemas and/or colonics
  • Saunas and hot baths creates sweating and elimination through the skin.

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Patti Ann Colt said...

Funny you should post an article on this as I was just thinking about this subject and what some detoxification ways were.