Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And in the FDA corner weighing in at......

Ok, I can't resist; and it's hard to type this blog from my weak collapsed laughing state on the floor -- but I will prevail!

This morning I see that the FDA has issued a warning to General Mills that they are advertising Cheerios as a drug and they have to stop. Now I HAVE noticed how on the Cheerios box they have a claim that it's heart healthy and helps reduce cholesterol -- a claim with which I could agree, though I don't think it's particularly ingenious or exclusive to Cheerios. But, for the FDA to pounce on the company for this just reeks of Big Brother/Pharmaceutical politics. I can just hear Pfizer's CEO in the FDA Director's office saying in a pout: "Those Big G Little O's are causing people to think they don't need Lipitor! You gotta stop them now!"

So on the one hand FDA is in a dither over Big G little O's while the number of poisoned livers from statin drugs go on unabated? This is the twisted world of American health care.

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