Sunday, May 3, 2009


Late last week the FDA issued a warning that users of Hydroxycut stop using the product. ( The makers of Hydroxycut have voluntarily recalled its products on the reports of one death and twenty-some injuries from primarily liver damage.

I'm not a believer or advocate of the take-a-pill-weight-loss program. The pill to lose weight is about like the Fountain of Youth -- it doesn't exist, and isn't likely to -- ever! What does get me irritated however, is how rapidly the FDA will move against an herbal or natural health product, while they leave pharmaceutical drugs that are causing far more damage, far more deaths, alone for, in some cases, years. It seems to be that the FDA will ignore problems if there are moneyed power lobbies protecting profits. Tryptophan, ephedra, and now Hydroxycut are just three of the recent victims in the natural health industry to be almost instantly removed from the market, practically on the first death. The double standard is unfair. Pharmaceutical drugs should be under the same close scrutiny as the natural health industry!

And for all you Hyrdoxycut users, or pill-fiends for weight loss -- cut your portions, vary your caloric make-up, and consume plenty of fiber and water already.

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