Friday, April 2, 2010


So am sitting here on Good Friday and thinking about the Syrah wine I'm drinking and as I'm swirling it in my mouth, it caused me to reflect on the properties of reservatrol.

Reservatrol is most readily extracted from the skins of red grapes used in wine making. It has gotten the most attention on TV news programs for it's properties that have shown it to be useful in longevity and in cancer prevention. It has a slightly better track record on reducing cancer risk, than on reducing wrinkles or extending one's life. It is an excellent anti-oxidant, which probably attributes for most of it's positive health benefit(s).

Reservatrol comes in supplement form, but one can also get it from red wines and grape juice. Studies show that MUCH HIGHER blood concentrations can be achieved by swishing it in your mouth and letting it absorb from there, than running it through the digestive system where most of it gets broken down and split into ineffective constituent parts.

Stay Healthy and Keep Swishing,