Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Global Partnerships

Two things have recently come together for me. First, I checked the world map of who all has been reading this blog and was totally stunned that rather than a bunch of local people, there were far many more of you from all around the world reading my occasional missives. So, a belated welcome to all of you reading this from the Philippines, India, Japan, Europe, as well as the eastern USA. The second thing that has come to me is the world of micro-lending and in particular Global Partners (www.globalpartners.org) and Kiva (www.kiva.org).

Global Partners are doing a phenomenal thing loaning small amounts of money to Central and South American business people living under the poverty line. I am struck by the transformation of lives this brings. An aspect I had not really thought about was that women around the world are prone to cervical cancer. In addition to small business loans, Global Partners are allowing the use of their network to bring cervical and breast cancer screening tools to women caught in poverty.

Cervical cancer is probably the most easily detected and addressed of all cancers. It is clearly associated with the presence of the HPV virus. There is really very little excuse for cervical cancer taking a woman's life due to the susceptibility of the HPV virus to a number of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Even if the natural treatments fail, there are fairly simple (though not necessarily comfortable) surgical procedures that eliminate this type of cancer. So my advice here is if you are female or know someone close to you who is female, wherever you live, get a PAP smear done.

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