Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten Common Homeopathic Remedies

A good thing for people to have around the house is a homeopathic first aid kit.  Homeopathics are an excellent, safe, and effective means of dealing with common health problems that arise at home.  If the right remedy is given early on in the problem, it can often nip that problem before it can get going.  Here is a list of  the ten most common remedies I suggest to my patients in the middle of the night or before setting out to find a doctor.  All of these remedies should be readily available at a health food store near you.  They typically come in 6x or 30c potency.  6x will require more frequent administration of the dose, but either will work.  These are especially handy to have around for children and grandkids because they have only a sweet taste and don't require swallowing pills.

  1. Apis -- for stings or insect bites, also can try with hives
  2. Arnica -- for any kind of bruising blow or injury where bruising is likely.
  3. Belladonna -- for a fever that leaps in out of nowhere and the person has a flushed appearance.
  4. Chamomile -- for oversensitive & excessive irritability with aversion to being comforted, also green mucus
  5. Cantharis -- for any kind of burn or for urinary tract infection involving a burning symptom
  6. Gelsemium -- fear, anticipation, e.g. prior to a performance; lethargy and lack of thirst from fever
  7. Hypericum -- crushing wounds or injuries to nerves or with shooting pains
  8. Mag Phos -- for cramping pains, particularly menstrual.
  9. Nux Vomica -- great for food poisoning situations and vomiting.
  10. Pulsatilla --  yellow discharges, sensitive, wanting to be comforted

There are probably 3,000 or more remedies, so this is just a very limited number, but my clinical experience for the last 16 years says these are used the most, and are the remedy bottles that are most often empty at my house.

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