Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Resonance

Since I can't afford two pianos, nor have the room in any of my life spaces to have two pianos side by side I can't personally vouch for the truthfulness of what I'm about to share, but....  I read that if two pianos are parked side by side and you hit a key on one of them the sound frequency of that note will cause the same string on the other piano to vibrate.

Sit for a moment and ponder what this might mean.  Like, recall that all living things are creating and expending energy.  Energy vibrates and has an inherent "buzz" about it.  Think of electrical transformers and generators.  I remember as a kid visiting the dams on the Columbia River and the deep vibrating buzz of the electrical generators.  Of course, that is perhaps billions of times more energy flowing than the cells generate in our bodies, but just the same we are all operating on certain energetic frequencies.  If we had the ears for such tiny impulses we could hear them as sound.  Different cells produce different energetic signatures and together they harmonize such that each one of us is likely putting off a particular musical chord.  Re-enter the two pianos.  Hmmm?

Could "good health" be defined as harmonized cellular energy?  I think this is very likely the case!  If this is true, then knowledge about the pianos and sound resonance opens up the door of speculation.  In particular, if we expose our bodies to harmonious sounds will our health improve?  Is part of the huge degradation in the environment due to the chaotic background noise being generated from so many different sources?

I'm not the first to come up with this idea.  It is being actively worked upon by people a lot smarter than me.  There are hundreds of directions we could go with using sound for health.  How about starting some sound experiments of your own?  Like, the reason you may find certain types of music more soothing than others is that certain styles "chime" well with your own biological music you are generating.  By listening to music that soothes your soul, perhaps you are soothing cellular groups that are stressed and heading toward disease?  Soothing music may be helping to create the positive resonance your body needs to heal?  It's a GREAT thought!  And, even if it isn't the case, you now have a GOOD excuse for sitting with your favorite music, sipping a little red wine, and relaxing -- and THAT does do a body good as well!!

 NatureWords for your Health... Peace for your Soul! 

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