Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Suggestions for the Holidays

One of the most common discussion topics around the holidays always seems to be about weight management or dieting.  Everyone seems to walk around gatherings commenting either about their guilt for liking food or about how many pounds they're adding.  I'd like to make some suggestions about ways to think about food and the holidays.

Suggestion #1: Remember it IS a holiday season and nobody is going to be killed by eating "what they shouldn't" short-term.  Moderation is ALWAYS a healthy by-word, but enjoy and do it without guilt.  What fun is a guilt-ridden holiday?

Suggestion #2: Keep a minimum of "goodies" and fattening items around the house.  Making up piles and piles of sweets and fattening food to just be there tempting you 24/7 is not REALLY celebrating anything but hedonism and your own potential for girth.

Suggestion #3: Don't forget to exercise.  Go for walks, or hit the gym.  Don't try to "burn off all the calories you eat" - there is significant discouragement in that!  Just get out there and keep your heart moving that life force around that we call blood.

Suggestion #4: Drink water!  It helps fill up your tummy so you won't feel like eating as much.  It helps you detoxify.  It fills in your fine facial wrinkles.  It should be the primary beverage ALWAYS - every day.  1/3 of your body weight in fluid ounces + 8 oz for coffee and sugar.

Suggestion #5: Begin thinking about your celebration during the holidays as walking out onto a diving board where you will be poised to jump, after the first of the year, into a new way of working on your health.

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