Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green, Green

The most recent Regence insurance newsletter had a lead article about how the health of people living near a park was improved.  They cited some fairly obvious reasons for this, primarily the close proximity of a green quiet place that begged people to come walk and exercise there.  There could be an added reason that spending time in a park would help your health.  That reason is centered in your adrenal glands.  Color research has demonstrated that the cool colors of green and blue have calming effects on one's mood and energy.  The color green is known in naturopathic medicine circles for reducing stress and balancing the adrenal response to stress. Combining exercise with the color green has a more powerful stress reducing effect than either by itself.

My hypothesis for why green helps is tied to a little studied area in life sciences concerning energy effects.  The color green occupies a specific place on the larger electro-magnetic spectrum with a particular energy frequency of 520-540 nanometers.  It is my belief that this particular energy frequency has an impact on the various cells in the body, creating a molecular effect that has a dampening effect on excitability.  There is so much about the world that we do not know.  It is exciting to think about all the possible ways our health is impacted.  So, get out there, surround yourself with green, and take a long refreshing walk while the weather is beautiful!


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Harmony of Health

One of my summer reads is Advanced Chakra Healing: Cancer, the Four Pathways Approach by Cindi Dale.  The book stirs my philosophical and scientific beliefs, and opens some intriguing possibilities for healing.  First of all, chakras are focal energy points located at six or eight places in the body.  Each of these focal points reflect and supply the energy of different physical systems, as well as control different psycho-emotional-spiritual dimensions of one's life.   Dale points out that atoms are energetic particles comprised of more space than matter leaving our physical forms more ethereal than our beliefs about our physicality have lead us to accept.  Principally, we are energy not matter.  All energy operates within a frequency bandwidth.  When our bodies are in a healthy energetic balance we possess a good harmonic tone. Cancer cells, being disorganized and without control, emit chaotic frequencies that disrupt the harmony of health.  So, like a discordant violin in the orchestra, the sound of the whole gets off, even abrasive.

Dale's suggestions caused me to reflect on the possibilities and power of using my tuning forks (Acutonics) to re-introduce a balanced harmonic pitch to the chakras and the whole of the person.  The tones to which my six sets of tuning forks are pitched are the same tones we find in the energetic signatures of nature.  Perhaps the value of them is how they help re-pitch our natural tones when our systems get off key?  It's an intriguing possibility, don't you think?