Monday, March 31, 2014

Naturally Preventing Breast Cancer

Do you worry about breast cancer?  There is some really amazing news in this month's journal of Anticancer Research.  4,443 women with breast cancer were assessed from five different studies over ten years.  When their levels of Vitamin D were compared, those with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were 94% more likely to have metastasis and had a 73% greater chance of dying. On the flip side, those with the highest levels of Vitamin D had reversals in their disease.  What's this mean?

Obviously, the first thing you should think about if you have worries of breast cancer is get your Vitamin D levels checked.  Just keeping your levels high can be preventive.  In the studies levels of 40-60 ng/l of 25(OH) D were in the protective range.  Pushing it up to 80 ng/l actually reversed tumor growth in those with existing disease.

Second, having adequate levels of calcium in circulation also seemed to facilitate Vitamin D effectiveness.  The authors of the study recommended 1500 mg of calcium a day along with Vitamin D supplementation.  This flies a bit in the face of the cardiovascular risks from calcium supplements that I've addressed in other blogs here.  Getting calcium from food sources and taking a calcium supplement that also includes other minerals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, and Vitamin K2 would modulate the cardiovascular risks of a straight calcium pill.

Third, the study also hinted that the same mechanics that cause Vitamin D to be a preventive/treatment for breast cancer might likely also do the same for prostate cancer.  So men can also benefit from getting plenty of the sunshine vitamin too.

So, everybody get out there and get some (moderate) sunshine starting up those gardens or start making sure you're getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D.

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