Saturday, May 10, 2014

Women Over the Hill

So when do women go over the hill and start a downward decline in health?  Would you believe 30?

From the British Journal of Sports Medicine:
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in all high income countries.  Half of the global incidence of heart disease in women is caused by one of four factors: high BMI (obesity), high blood pressure, smoking, and lack of physical activity.  Researchers in Australia have narrowed this down further.  They have found that women over 30 years old who are physically inactive have greater risk for heart disease than women with any of the other three risk factors.  (They found that smoking was the highest risk factor for women under the age of 30.)

SO -- it really could be this starkly put...  once you hit your 30th birthday, sitting or laying lazily around decreases the days you will be alive.  The good news from this research supports the opposite.  They found just 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity A WEEK (21.4 minutes a day) erases low physical activity as a risk factor.  Stay on the upward slope of the hill.  Show your family your take-charge discipline and get in a brisk walk every day and stay in their lives for a long time!

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