Monday, July 28, 2014

Modestly Reducing Lung Problems?

An interesting study just reported out of the U.S. Forest Service says that the air pollution trees are removing from the environment is saving 850 lives a year and reducing respiratory problems by 670,000 incidents.  (Read the study abstract by clicking here.)

Out of curiosity --  almost all of people I see with asthma or COPD seem to be having gradually increasing problems with getting enough air into their lungs.  If this has been true for your respiratory problems, post a short comment of "Me too!"   Not a scientific survey of course, but sometimes it does help on some level to know you are not alone.

The increased difficulty breathing and the results of this study give me pause to wonder if all the destruction of rain forests is behind the increase.  Forget the rain forests -- how many subdivisions have gone in where a pretty stand of trees is just bulldozed?  The study mentioned the more dramatic respiratory health impacts were seen in urban environments.  A few years ago some neighbors "clear cut" their yard.  They had large (beautiful) trees in their yard and they removed them all.  Have you got room for more trees in your own yard?  The National Arbor Day Society gives 10 free trees to your for a $10 membership in their foundation.

You might be one of those people with a "black thumb" and are single-handedly capable of exterminating every house plant you were ever given or ever bought.  But, if you aren't one of those rare serial plant murderers, you might improve the air in your house by getting some additional house plants.    These ten plants have been shown to be especially effective at cleaning the air:
  • Areca palm
  • Reed palm
  • Dwarf date palm
  • Boston fern
  • Janet Craig dracaena
  • English ivy
  • Australian sword fern
  • Peace Lily
  • Rubber plant
  • Weeping fig
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So -- if you or anyone in your house have breathing issues, give plants and trees a chance!

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