Monday, May 25, 2015

Healing Rituals

Many people probably do not associate ritual or spiritual practices as part of their health.  I'd like to propose that those practices might carry as much power and importance to one's health as diet or exercise.  I'm not talking about a particular religiosity.  I am talking about the integral intentional inclusion of spiritual nurture in a daily rhythm of life.

Each of us have a spirit that connects us with the larger Source of life.  Many deny this connection, some even attempt to "unplug" from it.  Yet in spite of denial, this Source still surrounds and nurtures us in our very human needs for love, community, and the energy we call "life."   We are inescapably planted into families, communities, as well as the natural world.  Our interaction and connection with the ineffable Source of Life is a two-way give and take connection.  Rituals and spiritual practices, which draw our awareness and foster our emotions/virtues of gratitude, acceptance, compassion, and peace,.. feed a part of us that fosters and sustains very deep healing.  In addition, ritual supplies a more profound knowing than science or objective measure can provide.  Spirit draws us into a deeper, richer, more dynamic life stream that feeds one's soul.  Well nourished soul's know how to heal themselves and the bodies with which they coexist.  Spirit grounds us to the Essence of Life.

I was inspired to write this post this morning on Memorial Day because I remembered that this day was one when growing up my family would go up to the cemetery and put flowers on the graves of my uncles killed in WWII and my grandparents.  To this day this holiday causes me to appreciate the sacrifices and lives that feed mine.  Every day reflects our spiritual grounding and input from the past.  Memorial Day and the rituals I attach to it brings my past more to the conscious forefront.  Admittedly, the past also throws a bunch of negative garbage in, what Robert Bly refers to as our shadow.  A large part of our healing work spiritually involves connecting with our spirits to gain awareness of what feeds our soul and what hinders it.  Fostering what feeds our spirit, and eliminating or diminishing what hinders it will markedly improve physical health.  Where one's spirit leads, the body will follow.  This is especially true if your goal is better health and/or you have addiction demons with which you're perpetually wrestling.

So, do something daily for your spirit.  If you need ideas or help with this give me a call.

NatureWords for your life,
Dr. Mark

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