Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gradually Then Suddenly

Have you heard the story of someone suddenly having their routine life jerked up short by a heart attack?  That health moment turns into a watershed life event where all things then get measured by "before my heart attack" and "after my heart attack."

Most of the life threatening and life altering diseases we face today are those that have been building for a long while.  "Gradually then suddenly" is a phrase taught in Fierce Conversations training.  Things will just very slowly drift into disarray -- so slow as to not really notice it's happening, and then one day the problem fully explodes.  

Just as chronic illness frequently follows this gradually then suddenly pattern, it is also the pattern of making healthy changes, only this pattern is "gradually then never."  In the same way a very small mistake in setting a course can cause you to wind up miles off course, very small steps taken today with your health can take you miles away from premature serious, or terminal, illness.

A health coach is someone who can serve you well in taking on the changes that you probably already know to be "good" for you, but you can never quite get around to doing.  Entering into health coaching supplies you with all the following:
  • Assessments of where you are and where you want to be in your old age.
  • Develop a plan with goals and strategic objectives to set the course.
  • Create action steps that are achievable, effective, and measurable, which will keep you on a wellness course.
  • Receive clear insights and motivation to stay the course until new ways become healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Help you avoid pitfalls and handle the common retreats backward into old habits.
  • Identify supportive helps and critical attitudinal structures to hold the course.
  • Re-evaluate the course in view of new information and tap into successes to gain stamina for next steps to wellness.
If you'd like to receive some health coaching to get you out of the health rut you've been in and get started on a new road, give a call to the clinic.

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