Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Are Your Health Goals?

Have you thought about this?  Do you have any health goals?

A lot of people spend a lot of time and money in doctors' offices.  A lot of people have multiple diagnoses and get a lot of different prescription medications to address a medical label.  But, is anyone working to make you healthier?  Is anyone trying to help you get at the cause?  Has anyone ever asked you if you want to get healthier?  Drugs are great for this moment in time, but are they really making you healthier, or more resilient?

What goals would you like to pursue regarding your health? Do you have any immediate goals?  How about 5 or 10-year goals?  Do you know where to begin in coming up with those?  Can you stick with them by yourself?  I can tell you that I know how to help you, whether you're nearby or across the country.

Start walking your illnesses backwards by addressing the underlying cause(s).  

Several times a day you come upon a fork in life's road and have a choice - do you continue the road you're on, or change course.

I'm here for the course changers...


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