Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lifestyle Shapes Your Future

A parade of new studies are providing more evidence that lifestyle practices have great impact on your long-term health.  Here are a few examples.

  • High blood sugar levels (diabetes) shrink brain size and increase risk of dementia.
  • Gestational diabetes during pregnancy directly increases risk of heart attacks later in life by 30%.  This risk can be reduced back to baseline by practicing 3 out of 4 healthy habits, one of which is cessation of smoking.
  • Menopausal hot flashes and night sweats are strongly associated with the development of diabetes.
  • Sitting for long periods of time in middle age shrink the size of the brain -- some researchers are calling this the new high risk behavior akin to the risks of smoking.
As implied in the risks listed above, all of these health situations can be transformed into optimal health with a change of habits.  Unearthing the rut you've gotten yourself into and starting new habits is as simple as deciding to do it.  You can choose a different path to go down and you are not doomed to putting yourself or your family through dementia, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity.

I'm not saying that changing unhealthy habits is easy!  Trust me, I know.  I have been working at it for the past 20 years.  Losing weight, getting sugar addiction tamed, exercising, eating a high percentage plant-based diet, drinking water, limiting alcohol intake, finding ways to sleep 7-9 hours... all these and the other many things you can do for your health takes mindful intention and lots of practice.  This is made much easier if you have a coach to work alongside of you encouraging and helping you build a support & belief system that will sustain you for the long haul.

Wellness coaching is my life purpose and one of my absolute favorite relationships I can have with anyone.  It has the potential to make the biggest difference in your life.  It has the capability to change your vitality and presence with your family clear into your last days.  It can improve your energy level, your attitude, and your hope.  Visit my coaching website for more information, or just give me a call.  The website is at www.natureworkshealthcoaching.us

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